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CS Bug

Post by daiiawn » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:58 am

I kind of feel like this is an issue with the game client, but wanted to check and see if other people are experiencing it and if it is likely a client issue.

Using latest version of client, and a local branch of the server taken from MASTER a few days ago

Steps to Create bug:
Log in, Zone to Konschtat Highlands, run command !cs 4.

Expected Behaviour:
CS will play

Actual Behaviour:
Screen goes black as though loading CS and just hangs.

Additional Info:
This only seems to be happening if its the first cs to run after you log in.
For example if I do !cs 3 in Konschtat first, that cs plays. If I then do !cs 4, that cs plays fine (with a couple of server errors due to missing npcs in db, but they are easily added).

I believe there is also a similar issue in La Theine Plateau with the same cs (15 in La Theine Plateau)

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