Going to be working on pup

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Re: Going to be working on pup

Post by bish109 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 2:55 am

Ok since overall pup is based of a ai couldn't I just work in specific dependent loops off of deploy
Such as make it check for witch body's /heads are attah than do a series of loops for specific or custom setup of how the puppet works depending on what spells according to targets health percentage their for it only has certain groups of spells it can cast per percentage it's not like a avatar you command it must be self sufficient within casting but also realize all of this and witch body/head is equipped before deploying , what do you think is it possibile ?

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Re: Going to be working on pup

Post by bish109 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:58 pm

I forgot to also say last night , so so far I have te idea just need some comments ,
Make the pup deploy check for witch body / head is equipped also add here what advatages each head gives player either stats or the pup for instance
Depot realises that you have storm walker equiopped so now
If we leave battle on at first function than it will attack while it checks also
Now Onto the hard part I must take every spell and action make them dependent
On their specific frame / head that that ability is dependent on and also to check for the level all in one
Since the ai for the bot on wikis are not anymore reliable I will only use them as a base.
Since I could not imagine how it was setup is have to play pup very in depth agin to completely understand how
The ai works throughout the levels or my own idea may be better

Still sticking to the puppet is dependent on using the enemy hp % as witch loop to use during that time
It has a series of 100%-75% 75%-50% 50%-25% 25%-0%
So since the wiki is not accurate we can start with make certain teirs for levels since say
1-10 we have very little have a loop that recognizes player as one through ten and if so witch
Level so that at this time say 7 and we have 3 spells at level seventh at the puppet can use since it has storm walker
Body . In other words just Seperate it tweak if to the way players like but if it has something it should be doing
It shouldn't just be attacking we should use deploy as the base to make this bot
As pet attack is already a function why not work around editing that ad use dependencies and loops
To control the ai of the pup , because if I'm not wrong on any of this here
This is the right idea on to getting puppet working
Obviously I have to make sure that I get abilities going to but my main point of wanting to understand
Can this be done ? Like it all sounds Completly possible just someone that has probabl worked with it more may catch something
I missed you know ? Lol but yea so it also uses teirs in the bot for retail
So hopefully using a serious of loops using those percentages to use certain spells at certain percentages
Hopefully I can add any spell in that category and just have it ignored once player is certain level as why would you need to use bio 1 when you have bio 2 he could be using another spell

Feedback kj from you would Be nice I feel I have a grip of somewhat of a understanding to get this going

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