FFXI - Arcana Portal Development

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FFXI - Arcana Portal Development

Post by Crystan » Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:06 am

Phenomenal work on the server coding my friends. Very impressive!

I just wanted to say I am working on my own server for one purpose. I want to get it working correctly (or as much as I need it to) so that I can develop my own expansion and share it with all of you players (hopefully on here) for everyone!

Bit of background info for you:

I started writing back in early 2004 writing game storyboards and scripts. Along with my C++, DarkBASIC, 3DS Max, Maya and other experience, it went well...I then began writing an expansion pack for FFXI and it took just shy of 2 years to write (given a full time job, wife and kids I wrote when i had time). Nevertheless I completed it. This was back when cap was 75 (good old days where skill > gear lol)

Anyway, I sent the script off to S-E HQ. I received a general response (we can't accept unsolicited blah blah blah) the usual smokescreen for legal purposes. But I knew better. I continued emailing and calling them and soon decided to spend alot of money sending my work off. I printed the file four times and sent one to Japan, one to the US, one to London and another to Hawaii. it went well.. I retrieved several emails and letters i still have today in my possession stating the work was impressive and I would be contacted if used. I contacted them again and again over the years and it wasn't long ago I received an email out of the blue from them stating that even though the level of your work was so high, it had been decided that the game will go down a different path during its "Final phase".... and they have encouraged me to continue writing and I still do.

I want to make my expansion on the Darkstar servers for all to play! Any advice or help you can give on this.

heres the website with my expansion details.


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Re: FFXI - Arcana Portal Development

Post by whasf » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:41 pm

Good luck modifying the client to include your assets! I only know of programs to read the .DATs, not make them.. Plus any other modifications you'd have to do to ffximain.dll and such..
-- Whasf

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