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Re: Guide to Install FFXI on Linux

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:26 am
by Magiknight
Just a checklist to run down based on my own experiances.

1 - OS. I'm running a 64 bit OS and can't attest to whether a 32bit one will run POL and FFXI.
2 - Wine. Try to use the latest version. Just installed 2.4 a few days ago. Works fine. Make sure it's the 32bit and 64bit version and not the oddball versions that are either only 32bit or 64bit. For example, kaOS Linux comes with a 64bit only version of Wine.
3 - If wine Gecko and Mono are in your linux distros package manager consider installing them. I have them installed on my laptop(Chakra Linux) and not instaled on my desktop(Manjaro Linux).
4 - If you can get Playonline to run but FFXI wont or stops running at some point then you probably need a copy of the file I posted a link to
5 - Xiloader. Try different versions. There are like 5 different ones out there on these dorums, nasomi website, kupos website, other server websites probably have one.

Additional Resource: ... n&iId=2739