Funserver - Rebooted!

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Location: Pennsylvania, USA Funserver - Rebooted!

Post by tagban » Fri May 30, 2014 12:21 am

Hello Adventurer! recently underwent a vast rebuild, and now is locked to a version. We have a guide on getting things setup here: (Which will be ever evolving as we add more features/clients/etc.) (reset 3/20/2019)
We're now a 75 Era server (Capped at 80 to allow solo or low man groups).
We have the following:
  • Auction House NEVER depletes- 100gil items
  • Capped to 80 (75 Era server)
  • Starting Gil 5,000
  • Movement speed around 80 (Wanna move faster? use !flash or !fly )
  • All jobs unlocked, subjobs unlocked. (Minus RUN/GEO)
  • Exp rate around 6x faster than normal with FoV and GoV as well!
  • Skillups super fast. If it isn't fast enough let me know.
  • Max Inventory Space. (You will need it!)
  • NM boosted 1.8x normal for real challenges with all of the player enhancements.
  • Zilart, CoP, ToAU, and WoTG. Anything past WoTG is shit and should be treated as such.
  • Wallhacking encouraged (And turned on for all players), several other commands available (Check website for details as more are added over time!)
  • Custom Commands to enhance player experience (Designed for solo playable), as well as normally GM only commands.
  • Universal Regen/refresh for entire server.
  • Many more secrets. Designed for a small challenge but more for nostalgia without the wait!
  • Version Locked to 30190305_0
  • Continued plan to slowly work on ToAU and WoTG and merge in large batch fixes from DSP.
  • Absolutely no GMs. All commands designed to get you out of trouble on your own.
  • Dualbox up to 2 total connections per IP is welcome. Please don't be a dick.
  • Expect memes in Discord.
  • Prepare to be tormented sometimes by server admin. (Tagban) but all jovial.
This is a server to relive some glory days while really just enjoying the shorter timeframes. We have lost char data in the past and most recently rebuilt the entire server around 80 cap so wiped again. I don't plan to do it again (we have a backup in place that runs every 4 hrs).
Discord: (Absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!) -- Like seriously don't try it.

If you wanna join, our client is custom. If you're a US player (IE you have PlayOnline US installed), grab the US player version called " EU Edition". This utilizes PlayOnline EU registry entries to avoid issues playing alongside retail but allowing Ashita and Windower to work properly with it. It does come pre-configured with Windower/Ashita but they aren't blocked and its encouraged to keep them updated.
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Re: Fun/Retail-like server...

Post by mustbepbs » Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:52 am

Just a couple of questions:

Is the AH stocked?
Any modified food?
Is the @regen command tweaked at all?
Are there any plans to remove all the fun, cool features in a totalitarian manner like my last server? XD


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Re: Fun/Retail-like server...

Post by Signature » Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:16 am

lol... Just removed 1 perk... That was too op for your own good... Lol Good luck.

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Re: Fun/Retail-like server...

Post by tagban » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:19 pm

I actually removed a bunch of features on the server earlier because I have a ton of chinese players mad because it was too easy for them. Originally had @hp and @mp commands unlocked, made things too easy, since realistically you could just spam @hp 9999 and always have health.. lol

We were talking about lower cap down to 75, mainly because of the gear thats availible, but I want to keep the server playable solo or in groups, so its staying at 99.


Re: Fun/Retail-like server...

Post by kernel » Sat Oct 04, 2014 9:07 pm

Guys come join our server! We have a lot of fun cool commands, AH stocked, and server is as stable as any other I've been on or experienced. GM staff is always there and helping out to share the experience with others. Join us at

Our code is clean and up to DS standards, not over modding and crashing the server like others. :)

See you in game!

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Re: Fun/Retail-like server...

Post by Raige » Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:49 am

I enjoy this server. Good work ^^

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Re: Funserver with challenges!

Post by tagban » Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:10 pm

I'm glad, we try very hard to keep it unique, while not heavily modifying code that can easily be broken later by future updates. I do actually have a test/sandbox server for anyone to goof around on if you really want to go nuts, its my place to test monsters and settings to see what I can create/fix. Any fixes we find, are shared with DarkStar community, but that's the only reason to host the server anyway is to help the team find bugs faster. :) The MAIN server is hosted on a 100mbps VPS so its fairly fast and stable, the 'test' server is hosted at my mom's house since she doesn't really use her Fios connection speed... So its not as stable. Either one can be accessed:
--server (VPS IP address NEVER changes, and is monitored by 2 admins)
--server (Test Sandbox Server, IP address CAN change ALL users GM -- Only monitored/maintained by myself)


Re: Funserver with challenges!

Post by kernel » Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:12 pm

Well said Taggers. We want to help out the community as our number one priority but want to keep it fun and unique for users joining up. We don't believe in being power hungry and allowing users to spend months / years in getting to 99 as well with getting relic gear / armor. We have a ton of cool fun commands available for everyone that makes it more fun. After spending 12 years on retail, I believe everyone should enjoy the game without going through that same old grind that other servers have. Time is precious :)

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Re: Funserver with challenges!

Post by kjLotus » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:14 pm

kernel wrote:After spending 12 years on retail
but the 11th anniversary was last summer

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Re: Funserver with challenges!

Post by tagban » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:41 pm

kjLotus wrote:
kernel wrote:After spending 12 years on retail
but the 11th anniversary was last summer
Lol I was on Retail before it came out.. Was on Beta test for all of PC then PS2 Beta testing. I dunno I know I've spent more time on this game than I should've... I've been playing since 2002 doing Beta tests... Pre Zilart, and Pre NA Release. So it IS possible 12 yrs... But rare.

You are right that the 11th anniversary release for NA was last year...

Here's the actual release dates:May 16, 2002[hide]
PlayStation 2
JP May 16, 2002
NA March 23, 2004

Microsoft Windows
JP November 7, 2002
NA October 28, 2003
EU September 17, 2004

Xbox 360
NA April 18, 2006
JP April 20, 2006
EU April 21, 2006

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