Open letter to the FFXI Private Server Community

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Open letter to the FFXI Private Server Community

Post by TeoTwawki » Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:54 pm

Edit3, another update:
As of March 6th the moron running /r/FFXIPrivateServers has banned me pretty much for admitting 2 subreddits even exist. In his mind that must be advertising. He doesn't give a crap about the community and would rather ban devs than the sockpuppets of trolls making flame bait posts whats important is that the users only know what his lordship dictates they ought to know. Since he's banned people within the last 3 months, reddit considers the community "actively moderated" (they ban subs that go unmoderated). #slowclap The other sub is /r/FFXIPrivateRealms

I keep seeing "how do I set up a server?" and the like posted to that reddit. If you are a redditor and see such questions, please direct to our discord our forums or our wiki in addition to any advice you give. Thank you.

Let me explicitly state that I do not speak for the entire Darkstar Project team. My opinions here are my own and do not represent the project in this post.

Recently some server rivalries blew up into full blow drama. It isn't the the first time and it probably won't be the last, though I maintain hope that we can still all learn to get along and play with our toys without trying to ruin someone elses fun.

During the course of this blowout, which occurred on reddit:
1. a doxxing occurred
2. some community members started a new sub
3. Invalid_Target, one of the long missing moderators of /r/FFXIPrivateServers/ showed up and flexed some muscle, multiple bans and post deleting of people who weren't involved.
4. reddit admins contacted to remove dox post because moderator didn't see it as a problem. Dox post then removed.

For those of you unaware how subreddits work, I will explain. When you create a subreddit you control what is and isn't allowed, so long as it doesn't break reddits rules. You can remove a post (or not remove) for pretty much any reasoning. Reddit itself will NOT step in and tell moderation staff what they can or cannot do.

Unfortunately, he (or she) appears to believe the problem is whiny server owners wanting him to silence the competition. An official Darkstar subreddit isn't likely to happen. Darkstar doesn't have the time and inclination to run a subreddit specifically for darkstar and I really don't think the team will want to pick sides or get involved in more subreddit drama or more server drama. Whatever subreddit people use it won't effect the project.

I wasn't exactly hiding it but I was avoiding stating who I was on the subreddit till now. I'm not "with" any particular server* - I help several of them out, but I'm a darkstar dev who finds the situation troubling. I joke that I am "just the janitor" whenever someone thinks a server is mine.

From my point of view we're all in this together and should not be trying to compete for player counts. To server owners, I urge you not to fall for trolls who just want to see your server fight with another for their amusement. To players, please remember what you enjoy or do not may not be the same as what another player does or does not enjoy. We all have our own nostalgia goggles and there are plenty of servers t0 go enjoy - and anybody can make another quite easily if you didn't find one you like. Please try and get along.

edit: typos

edit2: how to drive self insane
1. write open letter to community
2. watch as people immediately turn it into a battleground on reddit
  • I'm making the rules? (no, I am not)
  • I'm saying its all about the 2 server who had players arguing most recently? (again, no!)
  • I'm saying not to talk about your population at all? (ugh. NO.)
3. Give up, slam head into desk.

*edit4: I run my own server now, Demiurge.
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Hi, I run The Demiurge server.

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Re: Open letter to the FFXI Private Server Community

Post by tagban » Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:26 pm

You cannot be part of the community if you don't help each other out. To me each server has something unique to offer players, and we can all learn and benefit from each other testing and trying new things. Well said. <3

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