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Welcome to NIGHTBROOD! We are a level 75 Private server. Our mission is to bring back the nostalgia of 75 cap era in Final Fantasy XI. We have made some adjustments to improve the experience for new and veteran players alike. We are a group of players who have decided to make it better. We all have experience playing either in retail or in different private servers and we wanted to deliver a better time for players out there. We enjoy progress, but we are also against making it a huge time sink for veteran and new players. We have custom content, mainly to reduce the time spent doing grinding while still granting players a sense of achievement. We want players to collaborate while having the option of doing solo work to obtain great items. Salvage Gear, AV Gear, Limbus, Relics, Mythics, are all obtainable by a solo player. We are bringing the choice back to players. If you want to obtain the best gear possible at 75 cap, you can do it, but an alliance of players will have more challenging NM´s and faster progress. We have a server transfer option (With certain limitations). Check our wiki for more information!

The NIGHTBROOD server is a rebirth of sorts as it contains character data from two defunct servers: MHMU (75 cap server) and NIGHTBROOD version Alpha (a 99 cap server that we added the "Alpha" title on to avoid confusion). In it's current state, NIGHTBROOD is a fully functional private FFXI server, but it does require some additional adjustments and testing to provide players with an exceptional experience. Whether you are an MHMU or NIGHTBROOD vAlpha veteran or new player, we welcome you to join us as we enter into this BETA phase.


LVL Cap: 75.

All areas up to WoTG accessible.

Player Run Speed: 2.5x retail.

All jobs have Widescan from level 1.

All mobs that can drop gil will drop a little more than what you're used to ;)

Healing Ticks: Slightly faster than retail.

HNM timed and spawnable

Sneak/Invisible 10x retail duration.

No Dyna wait timer

No Midnight/3-5 day wait time for AF/Relic

Explorer Moogle to/from Starting Cities, Selbina, Mhaura

Dual-boxing allowed! Only 1 alt.

Quested/Mythic Weaponskills Unlocked at Required Skill Level.


Nation Missions: Up to Rank 6. Rank 10 Sandy Confirmed

All ZM and COP Missions

COP Level Cap removed

Can own 5 DM earrings and all 3 CoP rings

ToAU Mission: Up to Mission 13 - The Black Coffin - Up to but not including BCNM

WoTG Missions: Up to Mission 3 [To be confirmed]

XP/Fame/Skill Ups

XP Rate: 5x retail

XP Loss: Same as retail

Fame Rate: 10x retail

Skill ups rate: 10x retail (Will be reduced over time)

Skill up Cap: Raised to .9

Crafting Skill ups Proc: 5x retail. (Will be reduced over time)

Crafting Skill up Cap: Raised to .7

Crafting day/direction/moonphase: Does not affect crafting.

Can earn up to 99 Mertis. No need to go back to spend them if you grind it out.

3x FoV/GoV Tab Rate

5x FoV/GoV Exp Rate

Stat Bonuses:

20% Weapon Skill Potency

20% Increase to Magic and Item Potency

Starting Gear/Buffs/Freebies

All maps unlocked

All Outpost Warps unlocked

80 Mog Safe/Mog Bag/Mog Storage/etc Inventory Space

1,000,000 gil ONLY FOR MAIN CHARACTERS. Server Xfers do not count toward this.- PM or /tell a GM to get it.

Chocobo Shirt and Destrier Beret

Treat Staff II

Nexus Cape

Auction House

NB will buy back your items listed for sale if it is below NB's price. (Currently disabled pending review)

Other items will be added depending on population needs/requests.


Speaking with airship/boat timekeeper NPCs at the docks will teleport you to your destination for all connections. If it does not, please open a bug report.

Metalworks: Since the elevators are broken, speaking with Helmut (old man downstairs from the elevators) will teleport you up top and speaking with Izabele (female outside of Cid's workshop) will teleport you down.


Relic weapons have increased modifiers and increased Aftermath duration to 30/60/90 for 1k/2k/3k TP.

Got a relic and want to try a mythic? What if you tried it and wanted your relic back? Swap back and forth! Limited to once a week!

Other Changes/Special items

Learn how to get an Iridal/Chatoyant Staff/Fotia Gorget/Hachirin-no-obi here.

Salvage/Einherjar/Assault/Nyzul/VNM gear - Obtainable! Find out more once you apply!

Convert merits to zeni!

Non-Rare/EX items returned to popular NMs
Aideth Elwing, Owner of NIGHTBROOD

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