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Post by TeoTwawki » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:25 am

[8:04 PM] Loki: Just to clear the air and put an end to the "Loki Says" shit i will post my stance on all this here. Originally my hopes were that the sever would be spun back up, however after talking to the rest of leadership it was clear none of us had any desire to run, dev, or host it. My concern then shifted to the playerbase and the time that they had put into building their accounts. After failed attempts to get everyone to discuss options and come to a desicion, my stance was to release the server to someone who would run it, and get the players back online. Teo and I agreed to release our code so long as we did not have to participate in any further drama. This is not worth losing friendships over. There was a lot of hard work put into getting LD to where it is and it can easily be taken furhter by a team that has the desire, time, and energy to do so. I would like to see the players regain access to their accounts and not lose all the time and effort they put into them. Tempers are high right now which is why i stepped back and will continue to do so. I wish whomever takes this project on the best of luck and wish you nothing but good things. Hopefully in time cooler heads will prevail. Until then I will be around in Discord and playing retail.
What we had discussed before this:

1: try and get back back together (nawt happenin)

2: try and agree on someone else to take over (could not get everyone in same room for 5 seconds, part of the old team already rooting for Heep to run it and player base under impression its a sure, R3 against it because of involvement of atom0s and immortality.)

3, Last resort: tossing it into the wind like this. R3 decided to "just do it".

I and loki are ok with our code being out there.
[6:56 PM] TeoTwawki: @everyone since I was just being asked about it, I would like you all to know: anything I wrote for legion that is in that dump of its repository, please consider to be GPL's like darkstar itself. You can see the commit history per file. I'd prefer a reference in your commit if posisble "got this from LD archive" or "adapated from Teo's custom trial code" or anything - doesn't have to mention me specifically, just prefer it show its not an entirely original work.

[6:56 PM] TeoTwawki: the custom trials were all me. I scrapped the old omnione code entirely and did that from scratch.

[6:57 PM] TeoTwawki: a large commenetd out block also contaisn a revision I previous did with atom0s help (I broke that)
[6:58 PM] atom0s: Along with what Teo is saying there are a few things I added to Legion that are marked (c) to me and for LD only, I am giving permission to anyone to use them, similar manner to what Teo said just mention where its from etc.
Quoted and screenshots, typos and all.
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