Highwind Public Server

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Highwind Public Server

Post by evenmonkeys » Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:41 pm

Formerly Resolute Public Server

Game Status
Server: Online

Known Issues:
- Slowly building up a list.

Server Connect Information
Server Address: play.highwind.us

* Expansions: RoZ, CoP, ToAU
* Starting Gil: 1,000
* Experience Gain: 500%
* Movement Speed: 200%
* TP Gain: 300%
* Experience Lost from Death: 0
* Weapon Skillups: 250%
* Craft Skillups: 250%
* Item Power: 200%
* Gil Rewards: 500%
* Player HP: 150%
* Player MP: 150%
* Healing Tick: 1,000%
* Monster HP: 100%
* Monster MP: 100%
* CoP Level Cap: Off
* Item Drop Rate: 225%
* Widescan: All Jobs
* Level Sync: On
-- Newly Added --
-- Coming Soon --

If not mentioned, it's likely standard.

Player Commands
@ah - Brings up the Auction House command anywhere you are. (Full HP required.)
@homepoint - Teleports you back to your home point. (Full HP required.)
@stuck - Sets your player status to KO'd and you may then return to your home point.
@tele <telepoint> - Teleports you to approved destinations. (Example: @tele dem). (Full HP required. Respective key item required.)
@moogle - Brings up the Residential Moogle menu. Only works for Delivery Box at the moment. (Full HP required.)

Website Features
* Site: Online
* Server Information: View the status of the server and stay up to date on everything that's going on.
* Player Database: We are trying to make it as extensive as possible while still trying to honor the anonymous feature that the game offers. The database is still somewhat simple at the moment, but we're hoping to include everything that a player who examines you or searches is able to see; again, abiding by the anonymous rules.
* Achievements: We offer a continuously-evolving system that will reward players for accomplishing specific goals. For instance, a player will receive 5 points for hitting level 10, 20, 30 and so on. A player will receive 10 points for unlocking an advanced job. A player will receive 20 points for slaying a beast that grants a title. The list of achievements is growing and any achievements added after a player has already passed will be back-dated to include them. We're open to suggestions and ideas, but it's a work in progress as it goes.
* Forum: Temporarily disabled.
* In-Game World Chat Readout: Temporarily disabled.

The transition from our previous build of Resolute to our new Highwind is mostly complete. However, we are seeing random things here and there that need to be fixed or updated. So with that in mind, please bare with us while we get everything up to date. We appreciate your patience! :)

Please submit bug reports if you play. I can't fix what I don't know is broken.
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Re: Highwind Public Server

Post by evenmonkeys » Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:42 pm


A random side-note. This server was ultimately brought online again because I wanted to play at an experience that I would enjoy all by myself. However, a few friends said they'd play with me so I decided to make it completely public.

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