Highwind XI - ToAU Era & Server Transfer Incentive

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Highwind XI - ToAU Era & Server Transfer Incentive

Post by evenmonkeys » Wed May 22, 2019 11:21 pm

Highwind XI
  • http://highwind.us
    Feature-heavy website that is constantly evolving to meet player needs.
Server Consistency
  • Average Uptime: 7 Days
    Weekly patches and updates
*** NEW Server Transfer Incentive ***
Considering moving from another server? We have some perks to offer new players a head start to make their stay at Highwind XI a little less new adventure-y.
  • Level 50 Job
  • Spells to Match
  • Abilities to Match
  • Moderate Equipment to Match
  • Moderate Weapon to Match
  • Rank 3
  • Moderate Gil to Start
  • Level 40 Craft
  • & more...
Note: Players that have recently transferred are also able to accept these incentives.

Server Connect Information
  • Server Address: play.highwind.us
  • Expansions: RoZ, CoP, ToAU
  • Level Cap: 75
  • Starting Gil: 1,000
  • Experience Gain: 500%
  • EXP Ring: Enabled
  • FoV: Enabled
  • Movement Speed: 200%
  • HP: 200%
  • MP: 150%
  • TP Gain: 300%
  • Experience Lost from Death: 0%
  • Weapon Skillups: 250%
  • Craft Skillups: 200%
  • Item Power: 150%
  • Healing Tick: 300%
  • BCNM Level Cap: +5 levels
  • CoP Zone Level Cap: Off
  • Item Drop Rate: 200%
  • Widescan: All Jobs
  • Level Sync: On
If not mentioned, it's likely standard.

Player Commands
  • Disabled at the moment.
Website Features
  • Server Information: View the status of the server and stay up to date on everything that's going on.
  • Player Database: We are trying to make it as extensive as possible. The database is still somewhat simple at the moment, but we're hoping to include everything that a player who examines you or searches is able to see.
  • Achievements: We offer a continuously-evolving system that will reward players for accomplishing specific goals. For instance, a player will receive 5 points for hitting level 10, 20, 30 and so on. A player will receive 10 points for unlocking an advanced job. The list of achievements is growing and any achievements added after a player has already passed will be back-dated to include them. We're open to suggestions and ideas, but it's a work in progress as it goes.
  • Discord: Chat with fellow players!
  • In-Game World Chat Readout: Enabled
  • Auction House: View the auction house from anywhere, displaying the lowest price of an item listed.
Please submit bug reports if you play. I can't fix what I don't know is broken.[/b][/b]

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