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Phoenix Server

Post by xertus » Fri May 24, 2019 4:35 pm

Want something different, something new? Phoenix Reborn might just be that something.

Website is under construction - growing in features each week.
Server Average Uptime: 7 Days
Server built upon Linux Containers - Scalability
Frequent patches and updates

*** Server Features/Perks ***
Subjob @ LV75/LV45 rather than 37
All Advanced Jobs are Instant-Quest Achieved
Some Genkei is now easier than retail
Artifact gear is now dropped as a set off new special NMs
Custom Skill up NMs appear in various regions with low dmg and high HP, upon defeat drop skillup tomes
Mobs are slightly harder than retail, NMs are sizably more challenging than retail
Gil is aquired slightly faster (10%) and mobs drop more gil
Weaponskills and skill chains are enhanced by 50% for assisting with faster kills v.s. beefed up mobs
Harvesting is set at a low 10% break chance
Resting is faster, and you lose less TP
Coffers and Chests respawn faster
Dynamis is 12 hour
Crystal Warps Enabled, Crystals offer "healing". Explorer Moogles enabled as well > LV 10.
Max Inventory at Start
Custom starting LV1 Gear with hidden buffs to speed up low-leveling (each Race LV1 armor has perks, mithra speed, taru magic, etc.)
Home Country Rings offer double stats
All Jobs get Widescan Lv1
Fame is 100x Faster
SkillUp is 7x for craft and weapons
Drops are 25% more frequent
EXP is 2x Retail, and with 5x+ chain bonus is ~4x Retail. FoV also includes 150% EXP Bonus on top of that.
Ability to activate Rank 5 in your nation upon reaching LV30 (automatically activates 5-1 for said country)
Avatar Spirits are Fixed and operate per-SMN Spirit skill but still are cheap MP/tick
Several monsters offer custom additional drops
several BCNMs are working
special in town commands like !mh (mog house) !tele (teleport to crystals)
Field and Ground Tombs
- Higher than normal Tab/XP yield
- Food offers additional stats
- Books offer EXP Boost, MP/HP +1/tick, reraise Pre-Lv30

Serverwide Linkshell available

*** Limited Time - NEW Server Transfer Incentive ***
Have 1 job of your choice advanced to level 50
Reasonable Equipment for said Job
Level 40 Craft of your choice
** message in game for this perk

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