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Demiurge server info

Post by TeoTwawki » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:54 pm

Server address and website: ________________


Expansions enabled:
  • Rise of the Zilart
  • Chains of Promathia
  • A Crystaline Prophecy

Planned but not yet activated:
  • Treasures of Aht Urhgan
  • Wings of the Goddess
  • A Moogle Kupo d'Etat
  • A Shantotto Ascension

Not at all planned:
  • Abyssea

  • Player level cannot fall below level 20
  • Exp rate 2.5 - Two and a half times normal base exp per monster kill
  • Increase exp to up to 5x with our enhanced exp chain bonus!

Level cap:
  • 75 for the foreseeable future, 99 someday far away

Subsjob and Advanced job details:
  • Subjob level is 2/3 of mainjob instead of 1/2 meaning you can level to 75/50
  • Subjobs start unlocked
  • Advanced jobs must still be quested
  • +50% max MP boost on subjobs (but war/whm still sucks)

Auction House:
  • No fees at all
  • Items retained for 20 days
  • Bot with custom stock list, priced for players to undercut it
  • Bot items can be changed via our feedback repository - item list is public

Skill ups:
  • 3.0 rate for both craft and non craft
  • Flat 0.1 added to all skillups

Other info and settings:
  • speed is +40
  • Start with all maps
  • !help and !getls commands to help you get started
  • Starting nation rings are Augmented (only on new characters)
  • Gobbie bags start maxed out
  • Mog Sack and Mog Satchel enabled
  • Mog Safes start maxed out - quests give custom rewards instead.
  • All mobs drop an additional 2x their level worth of gil on top of any gil they already had
  • Guild NPC shops are open 24/7
  • Harvesting, Excavation, Logging, Mining (H.E.L.M) are customized
  • Field/Worker equipment has enhanced effects on H.E.L.M activities
  • Chocobo Digging also customized, as well as some equipment related to chocobos
  • Chocobo Digging skill ups are shown in the chat log
  • Kill count of the Deathbringer greatsword (Dark Knight quest) is shown in the chat log
  • 2x tab rate in Fields/Grounds of Valor
  • CoP zones are not capped. Battlefields have been customized to be challenging to a 3 person party
  • Modern post Adoulin weaponskill calculations are used
  • We have custom holiday events throughout the year
  • Ambrosia (food) and Amrita (drink) have been powered up
  • Many items have had bonus effects and hidden latent effects added
  • Lots of formerly useless pieces of gear have been powered up
  • Custom NMs and normal monsters have been added
  • NMs with long repop times were shortened, making 21hr spawns into 6hr spawns
  • Behemoth/Fafnid/Adamantoise freely spawn but King Behemoth/Nighog/Aspid are force pop via trade
  • Some regular monster camps and Fields/Ground of Valor pages have been customized

  • Currently hosted on a Virtual Machine generously provided by Whasf, on the same hardware the Official DarkStar Classic Server lives on.

Wtf is a demi urge? Is that like half an urge? is it the urge Demigod Hercules has to smash things?
  • The Demiurge is in several greek writings. In some, it is a mindless force of creation - just building because its what it does and can't do anything else. In others, it is an evil (or sometimes merely ignorant) god that has its creations trapped in the material world. Timaeus describes the Demiurge as unreservedly benevolent, and so it desires a world as good as possible. The world remains imperfect, however, because the Demiurge created the world out of a chaotic, indeterminate non-being.
Hi, I run The Demiurge server.

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