Dark-Xi FF-Reborne

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Dark-Xi FF-Reborne

Post by DarkAidz » Sat Dec 28, 2019 1:02 am

Website : https://dark-xi.tk
Forums : https://dark-xi.tk/forums
Server IP: server.dark-xi.tk
Discord invite https://discord.gg/XZj9YMu

Dark-Xi is a Server that aims to provide an experince like no other!
Our goal is to try replicate the lastest Official FFXI.. But with a Twist!

Combat Changes:
EXP Rate x10
FOV Tabs x3
Skill-Up Chance x10
Skill-Up Amount Multiplier x10
Drop Rate x5
Casktet Drop Rate x3
All Mobs Drop 10gil Extra Per Mob Level

Quest Changes:
EXP x10
Gil x5

Crafting Changes:
Skill-Up Chance x10
Skill-Up Amount Multiplier x3

Misc Changes:
All Maps Unlocked
All Outpost Teles Unlocked
Character Run Speed x2
Max Merit Points 60

This post will be updated frequently with changes!

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