Installation Problem + Character Data.

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Installation Problem + Character Data.

Post by Zero-Hour » Mon May 21, 2018 5:58 pm


New to this so please bear with me.

I have a DS Server setup on a Ubuntu 18 VM for a couple of weeks and it is functioning well.

The only issue I have was the need for --lang EU to be added if using a European client. (took me ages to find that) WIKI guide does not mention it.

After the version update on retail to 301 80427_2, the Server version became out of sync so I changed the version number on the DS server to get the client to load.

This caused the expected odd names of some NPCs and a few odd messages, but other than that all has been OK.

Tonight while playing, a couple of characters in the party, when speaking to an NPC in LaTheine (which had the wrong name) while on a Sandorian mission had the client crash. After restarting the clients, the mission will not progress at all. Is there a way of "clearing" the mission?

I have now made another Server VM with the intention of loading the latest version to correct this (I dare not try to update the original).

Half way through the build -following the wiki guide to the letter (except v5.7 SQL - you can't apt-get 5.6 anymore it would seem)

root@ffxi-ii:/darkstar# sh 3: autoheader: not found 4: aclocal: not found 5: autoconf: not found 6: automake: not found

and won't progress any further.

I am not really a Linux guru so not sure where to go next.

On the subject of Character data import, is there an official way of performing this?

I understand that during the server build and database setup a blank schema is setup on the SQL server. I guess it is probably important to proceed through this to make sure any schema changes that have occurred in the new version are there, but after this has been completed, how does one import the player data? If there is a 'guide' on how to do this I have not found a pointer would be appreciated.

Thanks for a great project


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Re: Installation Problem + Character Data.

Post by jono659 » Wed May 23, 2018 9:05 am

For the mission problem you can use [GM] command !delmission
func: delmission <logID> <missionID> <player>

So for say Sandy THE_SHADOW_LORD
s/ !delmission 0 15 playername

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