!togglemg does nothing

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!togglemg does nothing

Post by warviper » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:50 am

Hi everyone.

So i finally got my server up and running. Great guide and thank you so much for this community.

Ive followed the guide to make my character GM.

Ive even tried restarting the entire server and i can confirm in the chars table that my character is set to gmlevel 4

However, i cannot for the life of me get !togglegm to work.

Nothing happens when i use that command.

Is there some where i can edit a file so that when i create a new character those characters will be GM from the beginning?

Im running the EU version of the game, i dont know if this could be the problem.

Right now i have no idea where to look for the bug/error ;; so i hope i can get some help here.

BONUS INFO: I can now instantly logout from the game when i use /logout and i dont think i did that before i made my char a GM, so is something working or has this nothing to do with making my character a GM?

EDIT: never mind - found out the problem.... i had to just write the !togglegm in normal chat mode, not in the command

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Re: !togglemg does nothing

Post by whasf » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:16 pm

Thanks for providing your solution, incase anyone else does that too :)
-- Whasf

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