[SQL] DB error

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[SQL] DB error

Post by doghusky1990 » Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:36 pm

Code: Select all

[1;32m[Status][0m Memory manager initialised: [1;37mlog/DSP.leaks[0m
[1;37m[Info][0m DarkStar - onetimexi - SVN Revision: [1;37mUnknown[0m.
[1;32m[Status][0m do_init: begin server initialization...
[20:34:15][1;37m[Info][0m Console Silent Setting: 0 			 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:15][1;32m[Status][0m do_init: map_config is reading 		 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:15][1;32m[Status][0m luautils::init:lua initializing... 		 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:15][1;32m[Status][0m cmdhandler::init: initializing...		 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:15][1;32m[Status][0m do_init: sqlhandle is allocating 		 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:15][1;32m[Status][0m do_init: zlib is reading 			 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:15][1;32m[Status][0m do_init: loading items 			 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:16][1;32m[Status][0m do_init: loading spells 			 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:16][1;35m[SQL][0m DB error - Unknown column 'pet_list.element' in 'field list'
[20:34:16][1;32m[Status][0m do_init: loading zones 			 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:45][1;32m[Status][0m do_init: server is binding with port 54230 	 - [1;32m[OK][0m
[20:34:45][1;32m[Status][0m The map-server is [1;32mready[0m to work...
[20:34:46][1;36m[Debug][0m [1;36mUpdateWeather Finished
What does this mean? I used DSPServerUpdater to update and that error appeared...

I backed up the database and redid it manually and it fixed it, so I think my tables were up to date...

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Re: [SQL] DB error

Post by whasf » Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:59 am

You're still missing an updated table, probably the pet_list one
-- Whasf

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Re: [SQL] DB error

Post by doghusky1990 » Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:04 pm

lol i posted an edit, it's been fixed; the error up there was before the edit was posted, but thank you tho.

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