Possible Pet + AoE Issues

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Possible Pet + AoE Issues

Post by PrBlahBlahtson » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:54 pm

I couldn't get enough data to really be conclusive about it, but pets may still be avoiding AoE damage.

I ended up beating on Fafnir with DRG while thinking about anything I could fix or script. His first two TP moves were Hurricane Wing, and both showed messages that damage was dealt to "Wyvern." However, /echo <pethpp> returned 100%.

His third AoE was Spike Flail, which killed the wyvern. Okay, so some of them work. @reset and pop another one.

This continued for a while, and I became convinced that Hurricane Wing was broken. Then Fafnir used Hurricane Wing on me, and my Wyvern was missed completely. This made me question if I had seen the Hurricane Wing damage at all, so I closed the bug report.

There was also an occasion where the wyvern's HP showed as full, and Hurricane Wing did 381 damage, killing the wyvern.

So either Pet HP/Wyvern HP isn't being reliably reported to the client, AoEs are only affecting them intermittently, or Dragoon has some quirks of its own that SMN doesn't. I used @pettp, since I couldn't remember if the command was pettp or pethp, and the command crashed my server instead. And now I have something else to take care of, so I can't investigate further.

If I can narrow the bug down to something more than "Pet AoEs aren't fixed," I'll report the bug properly. If someone else figures it out, that works as well.

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