Rank 10 BCNM Sandy Bugs

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Rank 10 BCNM Sandy Bugs

Post by skkirby » Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:36 pm

Okay first off I want to say that I am up to date on everything that I know of.

I have been running my own private server for about 2 weeks now just for me and my family to play around in.

I have been doing the Sandy Missions. There has been only three issues so far from Rank 1-10

First one had to do with Havlar in the Journey Abroad Mission he wasn't doing the start of the mission giving and handing off the key item. The bandaid to that problem so I can move on was to remove the Mission= part of his coding then attaining the quest and key item then putting the Mission= part back and the rest of the mission ran smoothly. Even though the Bastok emb clerk kept saying I was from Windy.

Second issue was the Rank 10 BCNM everything was going smoothly until the end of the BCNM battle. Finished off all the mobs went into the second phase battle and killed them off with Trion at full health. Once the last guy would die Trion be stuck in mid action of whatever he was doing at the time. The mob would fade away and you would be stuck there in the BCNM with Trion till the end of time. On the Game server it would say this at the end of battle

BCNM 516 battlefield 1 : Winning conditions met. Exiting battlefield.
[nextline] bcnm cleanup id:516 Battlefield 1
[nextline] Wiping battlefield BCNMID: 516 Battlefield 1

There was no errors to pop up not even a warning during any of it.

I know there are other issues with the Ranger orc mob and whatnot but I am not counting that.

The other issue is with the key item of the Figure of Titan 483 in the Vally of Sorrow when you click on the ??? it does not give you the key item. The other Figures are given when you go to them and after the NM battle.

Side note: Nothing to do with the mission but it is a quest in Sandy the guy you trade the blue peas to in East Ron his script doesn't work he mutters off a bunch of numbers.

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