Common Rank Conquest Items

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Common Rank Conquest Items

Post by Flunklesnarkin » Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:21 pm

I wrote up a bug a little while ago about exp bands.

Currently you can buy both the emperor and the empress band when you should only be able to buy one or the other.

The dialogue the conquest merchant gives even says that although he allows you to obtain both ;p

It got me to thinking about other things like the warp scrolls and reraise scrolls.

The price of those were changed sometime around abyssea

Right now the price is 10 CP for warp scrolls and 7 for reraise scrolls.

It's suppose to be 750 CP for classic.

Here is a link using the internet archive, you can scroll the date around to search for when it was changed. I checked 2009 and 2007, both years had the price listed as 750 CP. ... stant_Warp

I don't mind the scrolls being cheaper than 750, I always thought it was a bit expensive and it does help with playing on the test server and getting around.

Maybe the price of warp scrolls / reraise scrolls could be one of those option things you guys make where people can choose between the classic price or the abyssea era price.

Just a thought ^^

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Re: Common Rank Conquest Items

Post by PrBlahBlahtson » Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:42 pm

Re: Scrolls

Relatively easy to fix, although this kind of comes back to the conversations that have been had about whether working > era-correct.



Unknown value (dialog? Returned option value?), price in hex, itemid in hex. Order repeats itself.

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