EXP Distribution In Groups

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EXP Distribution In Groups

Post by Flunklesnarkin » Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:23 pm

Bug 317 Linked here


There should be a discrepancy among exp distribution if a person levels up with part of the exp.

However, I think there might be something more to this bug.

I noticed a discrepancy for FoV page exp also sometimes, not always.


I'm running through FoV pages in Rolanberry fields with a 38 War and 34 THF

I finish the FoV page and my 38 war receives 740 EXP for the completed page,
The 34 War only Receives 695 EXP for the Completed page. They are both doing the same exact page. Neither of my characters leveled up on the page.

I don't think FoV pages are suppose to scale at all regardless of level.


I just tried the ochu page in rolanberry fields and I was getting 800 exp on my level 39 war and 752 exp for my 35 thf

The FoV experience seems to be consistently different as well, I did FoV page 4 like 4 or 5 times and it was always a 740 / 695 split.

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Re: EXP Distribution In Groups

Post by hakusho » Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:07 am

Leveling with my brother I noticed the same thing. Since around level 50 he started getting 50-200 exp more than me. We started from level 1 and have never killed a single mob without the other one around and we always leveled up together. We're level 52 now and he's around 5k ahead of me exp wise.

/edit: Small update... We noticed the problem while leveling in the Quicksand Caves and when we moved on to Kuftal Tunnel the exp was the same for both again. Unfortunately I can't remember if there was a server crash in between or not.

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