11/29 Rhonin & Xynna

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11/29 Rhonin & Xynna

Post by zphynx » Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:10 am

Have noticed mobs becoming conveniently paralyzed during combat, no thanks to any status effects the player has used through spell or weapon.

In small frequency, nearby party members have gained the effect of Utsusemi & Third Eye. Example, mob prepares AOE WS, Samurai uses Third Eye, Samurai & Warrior standing beside both "Anticipate Attack". Similar instances where a non-ninja would gain "# of shadows absorbed" - example, running through Ghelsba outpost on a lower level ninja, cycling through Utsusemi for several mobs. 5-10 minutes later, bard receives dialog "14 shadows absorbed" after dodging an attack.

Sheepfoe Mambo AOE effect isn't correctly working when Bard was sub-classed. Not sure if worked while it was main.

Scenery during airship from Jeuno > Kazham depicts the trip from Jeuno to Windurst.

Took an airship from Jeuno to Kazham, disconnected mid flight. Logged back on, and the (real) airship had already landed in Kazham, and was on it's way back to Jeuno, clearly as the NPC's stated. However, what we experienced was a fresh trip from, as if just departing from Jeuno to Kazham, bypassing the normal airship schedule, and landed in Kazham as the real airship was actually landing in Jeuno. When our "phantom" airship landed in Kazham, the cutscene depicted no airship, just empty landing space, and we appeared on the platform with no airship behind us. Phantom Ship. Also - the scenery during the trip was of Jeuno>Windurst.

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Re: 11/29 Rhonin & Xynna

Post by kjLotus » Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:47 pm

the "aoe shadows/evasion" thing you're observing is purely a chat log issue. the affected players still take damage. all it is really is that the wrong message packet is sent with the right value (ie you see x of <name>'s shadows absorb the damage and disappear, where x is the damage you took)

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