sandy mission 2-3b (journey abroad; windurst->bastok)

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sandy mission 2-3b (journey abroad; windurst->bastok)

Post by keener31 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:59 pm

worked on this mission:

took the windurst -> bastok route. got all the cutscenes and events up to the BCNM at waughroon shrine. upon clicking the BCNM, it did nothing. i tried a few different times and even tried trading it items. it behaved as it normally would if there was nothing triggered.

i checked my missions and i was listed as "no current missions" - i have no idea when this occurred, since it did list my mission as "journey abroad" after i accepted it.

the last thing that worked properly in the continuum of events was speaking with Grohm in bastok. he gave a little cutscene and text indicating i should head to the shrine.

i checked out: scripts/zones/Metalworks/npcs/Grohm.lua - without knowing exactly what is being called and changed i couldnt tell if the issue was here. since there are two routes to complete this mission, my assumption is that the 2nd route is not properly scripted. it looks like the "on finish" part of the script only handles the bastok->windy scenario, not the other way around, and that is perhaps why my "current mission" was cleared (which would explain why the BC did not respond).

upon returning to the gate guard in sandy, i was able to accept the mission again, as if i had never worked on it.

i will wait to hear back about a possible fix so that i can either A) test the fix, or B) go ahead with the other route (bastok->windurst) to test that.

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