AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

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AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by bluekirby0 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:48 am

Moved from old forums (tool by brawndo)
brawndo wrote:Another dspAH Loader

This is just a toy project developed in order to learn some C#. I will help out as needed, but it should be pretty self explanatory. I will be interested in hearing opinions, and will make changes at my convenience. I am releasing this because a few people (mainly metal!) showed interest. Be aware the zip file contains an executable and dll file. No there should not be any viruses, as it came directly from Visual Studio 2010. I only mention this, because some people get weirded out when downloading 'exe' files. So use at your own risk, and feel free to ask for help.

I am well aware there is another dspAH loader that functions perfectly. I wanted to create my own for two reasons: 1) I've never coded in C#, so I thought this might be an interesting learning experience. 2) I wanted to create a tool, where the prices on the AH were relevant. (i.e. HQ prices weren't the same as NQ) I created a Perl script that would scrape FFXIAH.com, and retrieve only the price and sell rate of each auction-able item. This is a time consuming process, taking over 25 hours to do so. I can make this script available if anyone would like. Using this information, I created a method to make the AH stock be reflective of the sell rate on FFXIAH. For example, an item that rarely sells will be on the AH in low quantities using this program and vica versa. I realize most people, might not like the idea of not being able to go to the AH and get everything they want when they want, but I'm attempting to create a more retail experience with this method. This is just a beta version and I still have more features I would like to add. But at the moment it functions just fine for my personal needs, so it might for you as well.

It should only require .Net 4.

I apologize Unix lovers, this was an attempt to learn a Windows specific language. You can maybe give 'mono' a try? If people show interest, it could easily be ported to Perl, Python, or even a web environment using PHP/Javascript.

This program is straight forward to use, although most programs you create are straight forward for yourself to use. Most of the buttons will have a little help message that appears when you hover over it.

Database Settings:
This is where you will input your database information. (i.e. hostname, database, username, and password)

Item Settings:
  • This determines which server you would like to base the prices and sell rates off of. At the moment it only uses data from retail servers still running. 'All Servers' uses the average of the servers.
Item Types
  • You may specify the items you would like to update, by default it will update all, but you can choose a specific, such as 'Crystals' or 'Daggers'.
  • A random number is created and if it is less then the sell rate of an item, that items value is incremented by one. Iterations will adjust how many times the random number test should be conducted. As you increase Iterations you will increase the likelihood of more successes. Therefore, there is a positive correlation between the item count value and Iteration value.
  • This will determine how many times the iteration loop should be conducted. The max value, from the retries, will be taken as the item's value.
Get Items
  • This will read the 'ffxiah.out' file and create a table of sell rates, restock values, price values etc. It will fill the 'Item Details' table based on the values set in 'Item Settings'. You must use this function in order to use the other functions.
  • This function will erase the AH items in the given 'Item Types' category, those you can see in the 'Item Details' table. Then it will insert entries using the restock value and price of said items.
Add To
  • Similar to Clean except it will not delete any entries. It will only add to the current AH inventory.
  • This function will take the value in the 'To Sell' column and sell (delete) that many from the current AH stock. Then it will add back the number in the 'Restock' column. The idea is to simulate buying and selling based on the sell rates.
On Going Simulation
  • This is the same as 'Simulate' except it allows you to set a time, in minutes, to repeat the simulation until it is disabled or the program exits. When using this function, most of the other functions will be disabled.
Item Details:
This is a table to display information pertaining to the items. It consists of 7 columns, ItemID and Name are pretty self explantory.
Sell Rate
  • This is the value determined from the item's sell rate of FFXIAH.com. This value is editable.
  • This is the current inventory amount on the auction house.
To Sell
  • For 'Simulation', this is the number of items that will be 'sold' (deleted). This value is editable.
  • This value is the number that will able added to the current auction house inventory. This value is editable.
  • This will be the price of said item. This price is based off of FFXIAH.com. This value is editable.
dspFFXIAH.zip Contents:
The zip file will contain four files, the main program file, a MySQL database reader .dll file, a config file (saves db information to), and a file called 'ffxiah.out'. The 'ffxiah.out' file contains all the information scraped from FFXIAH.com. These file must all be in the same directory.

The Program:
Please post any bugs, and/or comments.
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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by cevkiv » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:32 am

This is great, and I really like it. For a future version, for the "simulation" aspect, could you have it check to see if there is a player-made auction going, and have that "sell" first if it's cheaper than the average going price, to allow players to get some money.

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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by Flunklesnarkin » Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:09 am

doesn't it already do that?

I've sold a couple of items on servers that have fully stocked Auction Houses.

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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by thrydwolf » Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:54 pm

I just tested a Simulate on my server with a player item, and it didn't send any money to Delivery Box or directly to inventory, and my character doesn't show in the seller history, so I would say it either doesn't do that or I did something wrong.

I agree, that would be really awesome if it did!!!!

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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by kabitokaii » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:21 pm

It probably deleted your item when you hit simulate. :3

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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by thrydwolf » Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:24 pm

Yep, it does.

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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by diatanato » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:46 am

в настройках "Database Settings" не хватает "Port" ((

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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by Virtualchronos » Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:37 am

Don't work... Can someone help me ?

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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by Azalia » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:45 pm

Finally have time to play around with this DSP again, you guys have made a crazy amount of progress since I last played with it.

I was trying to get this app to work on a private server within a ESXi VM. I keep getting an error:

The given key was not present in the dictionary.

Wanted to see if anyone had a quick fix/work around for this.

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Re: AH Loader With Prices Based Off FFXIAH.com Data

Post by altalus » Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:47 pm

The problem is the Staff category. For weapons, you need to import them one by one and bypass staff. The rest you can do it batch (armor, food, etc...)

No one seems to have the source code to fix it :-(

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