Custom HQ set armor storage

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Custom HQ set armor storage

Post by Delaide » Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:06 am

I have modified the armor depository (armor storage) table so instead of storing the NQ armor sets, you can store the HQ.
Please note, these are for normal armor sets, not for artifact or relic sets, since these are storable in the porter moogle.

Why? Personally, I see no purpose in storing the NQ sets, like the NQ seer's set, or NQ Alumine set. I would prefer to store the HQ versions.

Please note: This is not a cheat, just a modification. To store, you still need to store the HQ set. NQ trades will not work using this modified armorstorage.lua. However, if you have already stored the NQ sets before changing to this lua, then when you trade the key item to the NPC, you will get the HQ versions. So, please be aware that if you replace this file, you will get out HQ, and from then on only be able to trade HQ for the storage slip.

Anyways, here it is if anyone is interested.
rename to .lua
(8.87 KiB) Downloaded 118 times
To replace, just download, change the .txt to .lua (Sorry, the forums will not allow me to upload .lua files), then put it in the \darkstar\scripts\globals folder and overwrite the existing file.

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