Reach Online Source Code

Applications/Tools written to make running DarkStar easier for the rest of us.
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Reach Online Source Code

Post by Avatarati » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:30 am

A few common questions I was asked about this server:

How do your custom NPC's speak, face you, and interact with you similar to retail?
How are you able to warp anywhere in the world so quick?
How does your enhancement system work?
How does your auction bot work?
How do you script your quests?
How did you make 'insert NPC/system here' so detailed?

You'll find all of those answers in the file: ... uheW5OXb8V

To see where the customizations are, search for 'CUSTOM REACH CODE' in each file. The only exception is in lua_baseentity.cpp where the functions are right at the top.

This server had heavy customizations on many things, and a lot of it will be hard to follow, especially the enhancement system, the !to command, some of the SQL procedures (for egg insertions), and even some of the custom functions used in Lua. The auction bot uses pure C++ in procedural style, an SQL table, and a few other things. You may notice most of my Lua files use radically different function calls. All of that is defined in scripts->Custom->Functions.lua. The main reason for this was to script my custom 'text events'. Look there, and you will see how I did the timing, locked players in place, and generated clean text to the player.

Yes, I realize some of my methods may be a little naive or longer than they need to be. Please keep in mind that when I started creating Reach Online, I had 0 coding experience. I didn't even know what a function or variable was. I also didn't even know what MySQL was or how a database even worked. That was two years ago, so you may see a little evolution of my coding/scripting style throughout the source.

Unfortunately, I will not be available to answer questions anyone may have.

Oh, and one more thing. I use an Arial font in Notepad++, so the spacings are most likely going to be jacked up for anyone viewing it. And I use tabs. I know...the horror. I'm going to burn in hell. But hey, it was my project, and I wasn't collaborating with anyone else, so standardization and formatting was suited for me, not anyone else ;)

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Re: Reach Online Source Code

Post by NekoNinja » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:53 pm

ok so thank you for this because it was really cool for you to share this source code with everyone if you are able to only answer one question though. suppose i wanted to just take this and apply it to a fresh darkstar server and essentially play with all of these fun things how to go about that. just take all these folders and copy them over to already made server?

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