Mog Garden Sync Application

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Mog Garden Sync Application

Post by ravonus » Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:57 pm

( Far from complete :P )

Hello I am a bit new to DSP. I decided I would make something where my skills really shine. Decided to make a FFXI AH, DSP Manager, and web application. Application is node.js. It does not require anything outside of node.js. It will be have a custom API to extend as well and any user management you'd ever need. It doesn't require setup of any web server, and will have security built into it so you can enable and go.

1) Pretty much FFXIah but for DSP. I have created a pretty cool and secure way to connect a local app to a socket. When users try to say find characters across certain type of DSP servers. If your server is one of them It will display the information you want it too. Going to be make pretty robust, where DSP owners can share certain things as well. Like let users trade items, or manage their items from a central area. (This is the most exciting feature and I really want to try to support this in the community to make the front end experience even better for users)

2) DSP Manager. manage everything about DSP. Start all 3 applications.(All of them now shoot to one console not 3!!! Color coded too so you know what is important) It will keep track of their memory usage and cpu. Give you stats so you know when heavy load is hitting your server. It also can restart them immediately on crash. It lets you parse and query the logs easy(From GUI system) Edit all config files, edit/view/delete/create database items.
Custom scripts to make life easy. Example set zone ip to external IP automatically. (Will get rid of the need of using anything DB management,etc)

3) All of this is extended via a web application. That will eventually tie authentication into app and let DSP owners setup custom authentication (User portal with ease ) (Example of how fast and fluid config file edits can be) - some tweaks need to be done but can make it so you can extend server management to mods. ( Example of how easy it can be to edit database items)

Feed back and testing very much appreciated :)

(Two servers showing character information)
This shows two servers showing custom dumps of search results. (Both would show up at mog garden site)
Tooltips of all items!
Inventory multi select and move system
Pictures from FFXIAH

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