Containerized Darkstar ( Docker )

Applications/Tools written to make running DarkStar easier for the rest of us.
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Containerized Darkstar ( Docker )

Post by ior » Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:33 am

Hi DSP fans,

I've been working on containerizing DSP with the following goals:
1) Make hosting easy on any platform
2) Simplify the build and deployment process
3) Improve horizontal scalability

I've got the process working to the point where it takes only one command to build, and another to deploy and run. Each of the game servers runs in its own container, the database is also in its own container with the actual db files mounted locally on the host machine for data persistence.

I'm looking for people to help test. Do you have:
1) A working ffxi client set up to connect locally?
2) An environment that can source bash scripts (or a willingness to translate .sh to .bat for windows hosts)?
3) Interest in seeing this project continue?

Please reach out to me here on the forums, or better, send me a msg on DSP irc channel, I'm there as "ior"

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