SCRIPTING: 8 Spells and 5 Items

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SCRIPTING: 8 Spells and 5 Items

Post by mvd1987 » Fri May 24, 2013 12:03 pm

i had to take a little break on all those trial work im working on so went trough the gameserver log to see what my server missed on lua's.

made these one's:


aisha_ichi.lua -- all 3 nin spells need right effect msg later on but they work fine now
myoshu_ichi -- needed a sql change in spell.sql also (valid targets)

aspir.lua -- added a '(' and a ')' to the calculation of the hp and mp it needs to take, cause the base valau needs to be added at the end (same as drain and drain II)
aspir_ii.lua (calculated the same way as drain and drain II, see note's on the lua)

Regen IV and V
Refresh II


homing_ring.lua -- both still need a OP check to see if the player has the current OP unlocked(all my players have them all unlocked so)

flask_of_walahra_water.lua -- adding 5% max hp and mp

twilight_cloak.lua -- missing a 's' on: require("scripts/globals/status");
plate_of_octopus_sushi_+1.lua -- missing 2x a ','

made a patch for the little sql change and added the lua's normally
today's work.rar
spell,lua's and sql change patch of the last rev 3391
(7.16 KiB) Downloaded 75 times
let me know if something needs to be changed or isnt right, and see what the project can use on these (just sharing like always haha)

greetings michael
Owner/GMLeader mvd1987/michaelvandun Fantasy World International Server

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