Trying to recreate Synergy augments.

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Trying to recreate Synergy augments.

Post by Aale » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:41 pm

So I spent a few days toying with mimicking the Synergy augment system via the treasure box in Port Jeuno and this is what I have come up with.

Basically, any 75 era abjuration or Sky seal, can be traded to the box to receive tatters or scraps, just like the synergy recipe. You can then trade the tatters/scraps with corresponding gear to the box for randomly generated augments i.e Genbu Scrap with Genbu's Shield, again, just like synergy. The resulting augments are not exactly the same as retail results due to my lack of coding skills and being limited to 4 potential augments per item, but they are pretty damn close. I know I -could- have rolled a random on how many augments returned each trade, and then another random on which augments landed, which would have allowed me to add the full list of possible augments (crap elemental resist or MP on your purple berk or whatever,) but that would have taken far more coding than I was prepared to do.

It is important to note: it does not matter what slot you trade the items in, but if you trade the wrong combination, or a piece of gear without a tatter or scrap, your server will eat the item.

Hopefully some of you can make use of this, it can easily be modified to create your own augment system if nothing else, or maybe it will inspire some brave soul to tackle Synergy.
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