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Trust SubAnimations

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 1:59 pm
by CrackerJack

I've been working on getting trusts up and running (have made good progress so far by leapfrogging off a PR created by Tummie) but have run into a problem while working on setting up the code for more complicated trusts.

The one I decided to work on was Arciela ( In particular I'm struggling with her "modes". I believe these to be sub animations, but it's a total guess. I tried looping through possible sub animations on her character model but nothing happened (beyond an odd "pulse" of her hand, but that might be unrelated).

Is there a way to expose what sub animations / animations are valid for a given model (or is there a reason that executing her JAs (bellatrix of light in this case) would not work as expected?


Re: Trust SubAnimations

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:16 pm
by TeoTwawki
A gotcha to watch out for with trusts in general: trusts all have diff models than their regular versions you will see in cut scenes and during mission fights. So make sure you are looking at the correct "version" of Arciela!

I think the trust models for her are 020C (3074) and 0D0C (3085) if I am not mistaken. If those are what you are already using, it might not be a sub animation you need. usually in model viewer or Altana viewer you can see what animations and sub animations a given model has but that won't translate to how to get them active in darkstar. In darkstar if you set sub animations and see no change its probably not a sub animation and is triggered some other way.