Creating a custom augment NPC

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Re: Creating a custom augment NPC

Post by molo » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:00 am


sorry to bother you guys in this Subject, I was following the earlier scripts and I don't seem to understand it ,

I never script before neither study it, so i guess to some it might be annoying to explain? , anyway to whom is free to answer me in the picture I've attached it explain some part of the Augment script and how it work or thought how i understood it to be,

my questions are.

1- why its not working? every time i Trade the item my Server Crash with this message
[warning] charplugin::AddItem: Item <0> is not found in a database
2- To how to make Quantity to the Traded Item ID ?, should i just add the number after the ID code like this 1535, 2 ?

thanks for looking in to it.

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