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Pet not loading spell list as defined

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:56 pm
by bluesolarflare

I am trying to get pets to cast spells but I have run into an issue. Automaton for Harlequin is set to WAR/RDM as it is supposed to be however, because of this, it will only cast Cure IV at level 99 due to the spell being available at that subjob level. I have tried to change the mob_pool.sql file have Harlequin Automaton (5124) to include a spell list that points to list #1 (Beastmen_WHM) in the mobs_spell_list so that it will have the ability to cast spells that it wouldn't have access to with a subjob of /RDM, however, it seems like it is not picking up the list.

Edit - found a workaround by changing jobs on harle to RDM/WAR and setting an mod to 50% to preserve mp levels as if it were WAR/RDM but would still like to know why it wouldn't load the spell list.