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Post by LordAxion » Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:59 pm

Hello, my first real post attempting to give a little back. Anyway this is a mod on the gm @speed command. It is set for Player use and limits the min and max the player can run. This is useful if you want to give your payers faster movement speed without giving them the full range of speeds that gm have. Its simple and you can Mod the speeds to whatever you want within range.

Code: Select all

-- func: runspeed
-- desc: Sets the **players** movement speed, and is speed limited.
--       This Command will not let you run as fast as the GM speed command.
-- author: **unknown-DSP** Modded ver of Speed command by LordAxion.


cmdprops =
    permission = 0,
    parameters = "i"

function onTrigger(player, speed)
    if (speed >150) then
        speed = 150;
        player:PrintToPlayer("Max speed is 150, your speed is reset to 150");
    elseif (speed <40) then
        speed = 40;
        player:PrintToPlayer("Min speed is 40, your speed is reset to 40");   
    player:speed( speed );

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