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Code contributions

Post by bluekirby0 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:18 am

This board is for posting and discussion of source code changes (which may include scripts as well). If you only have script changes to post, please direct them to the Scripting board.

Please format your contributions as patches (or diff files) to ease applying to different source versions and to make it easy to see what was changed and how. To do this:

Using TortoiseSVN:
Right-click on your dsp (trunk) folder, navigate to the TortoiseSVN sub-menu, click Create Patch. Leave any relevant changed files checked and anything unrelated unchecked (you may want to uncheck the configuration files unless you really mean to change the options). Hit ok and save.

Using Subversion:
From the trunk folder, revert any irrelevant changes and use the command:
svn diff > patchname.diff

You can also selectively specify what files to include by marking files as ignored. See the subversion documentation for more details.

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