Need help chocobo circuit races

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Need help chocobo circuit races

Post by gedads » Tue Sep 27, 2016 5:11 pm

Hi is anyone able to help with those packets and maybe implement chocoborace or find some use to them:

to reproduce race @cs 210 from Zone 70 then
@inject c1.dat
@inject c2.dat
@inject c3.dat
@inject c4.dat
@inject c5.dat
@inject c6.dat
@inject c7.dat -> last packet will launch the race (eventupdate)

i was able to modify chocobos colors and riders from packets 2-4 and also some items (not sure at all i didn't recorded all tries) also i was able to modify results in event update c7.dat (@0x12 to 18 i think) but it's probably not only determined by that packet.
NB: that's for reproduce the race, names of the chocobos are inside 2 small packets containing 4 names each and aren't inside (they can be injected too)
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