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Monster excel

Post by Delaide » Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:47 am

So, like my item database, I have started working on a monster database excel sheet.
This one is much rougher and in earlier stages, but hopefully it can help someone do some comparisons.
Sorry, this one is even larger, as I also had to have the item_basic list for the monster droplists and some other tables used for naming the IDs.
FFXI Monster database.xlsx
(9.63 MiB) Downloaded 6 times
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Re: Monster excel

Post by Delaide » Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:24 am

Updated the monster database.
I do notice some strange things:

Code: Select all

dropId	dropType	Drop type name	groupId	groupRate	itemId	Item name	itemRate
4348	2	DROP_STEAL	0	1000	0	#N/A	150
Drop ID 4348 in the mob_droplist has a steal, but the item is not defined. So, it is nothing...

Code: Select all

familyid	Family name	modid	mod name	value	is_mob_mod
111	#N/A	29	MDEF	13	0
Mob family ID 111 in mob_family_mods has an entry, but there is no such mob_family_system ID.

In mob_groups, there are a lot with no pool ID (Pool ID set to 0, which doesn't exist in mob_pools, all but one are nyzul island)
In mob_pools, there are many entries without a family ID (family ID set to 0). I also notice many of those hex modelid's are blank (all 0s).

Code: Select all

poolid	name	packet_name	familyid	Family name	HEX(modelid)	mJob	Main job name	sJob	Sub job name	cmbSkill	Combat skill name	cmbDelay	cmbDmgMult	behavior	Behavior name	aggro	true_detection	links	mobType	immunity	Immunity name	name_prefix	flag	entityFlags	animationsub	hasSpellScript	spellList	namevis	roamflag	skill_list_id	Skill list name
282	At_euvhi	At_euvhi	0	#N/A	0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000	1	WAR	1	WAR	6	GREAT_AXE	240	100	0		0	0	0	2	0		0	0	0	0	0	0	1	0	0	#N/A
356	Bastion_Fighter	Bastion_Fighter	0	#N/A	0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000	1	WAR	1	WAR	6	GREAT_AXE	240	100	0		0	0	0	0	0		0	0	0	0	0	0	1	0	0	#N/A
There are also many there that have no skill list.

In mob_skills, we have the tertiary_sc setting, but none actually use it. Is this just a wasted column, or is this for future mobs that may have tertiary_sc?

In mob_skill_lists, we have many mob skill ids which do not seem to exist.

Code: Select all

skill_list_name	skill_list_id	mob_skill_id	Mob skill name
Amhuluk	884	2642	#N/A
Ankabut	1007	704	#N/A
Bakka	789	2003	#N/A
Bakka	789	2004	#N/A
Balaur_Post_50	791	820	#N/A
Balaur_Post_50	791	819	#N/A
Balaur_Pre_50	790	820	#N/A
In mob_spawn_mods, we have the following entry which does not have a valid monster (no monster found with that mobid):

Code: Select all

mobid	Mob name	modid	mod names	value	is_mob_mod
17433009	#N/A	1	GIL_MIN	15000	1
17433009	#N/A	2	GIL_MAX	18000	1
17433009	#N/A	302	TRIPLE_ATTACK	15	0
In nm_spawn_points, the same thing, two monsters that don't exist (no mobid):

Code: Select all

mobid	Mob name	pos	pos_x	pos_y	pos_z
17613131	#N/A	0	-162	-15	154
17613131	#N/A	1	-166	-15	162
17613131	#N/A	2	-154	-15	168
17613131	#N/A	3	-168	-15	157
17137005	#N/A	0	678.599	-10.219	532.811
Hopefully the above information can help someone figure out issues with the databases, or clarify why I have no idea what I am talking about and I missed something :o

Last, if anyone knows, I have a couple other questions:
In mob_pools, there is a flag and entityflags. Does anyone know what these are?
In mob_skills, there is a mob_skill_aoe. What are the differences between the values? Distance the AOE hits?
In mob_spawn_points and nm_spawn_points, it does not show a map, only pos x, y, z, rot. How do we know which map is which positions?

I think that is all for now, and hopefully someone can find all of this useful.

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