Mission 1 Aht Urghan Inject.dat

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Mission 1 Aht Urghan Inject.dat

Post by gedads » Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:11 am

hi here's a dat file which launch mission 1 aht urghan cs, if someone can use it to unbreak the cs that could be great.

add it in dsp root, at prompt : @inject csm.dat

1) when lauching the cs, cs 3000 from dsp i got XXXX XXXX 08, with the .dat i got XXXX XXXX 1C in debug windows 1C-8 = 4, there are line in event.cpp with -4 i don't know if it's related.
2) by modifying the cs number in.dat (B80B) with numbers from unplayable cs like D20B, you can launch them too.

If some smart guy can do something with that.
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