Just starting out, suggestions please?

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Re: Just starting out, suggestions please?

Post by Eliseus » Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:56 am

If we could even get the af helm yet on DS does it actually let us heal higher instead of when hp is 1/3?

Also, DRG to 75 was very easy. /mage with FoV book refresh you can go all day, when you get penta thrust that makes lvling just cake. With the proper gear you will almost kill things in 1ws. The only downside I found is that random double/triple attack mobs do sometimes. You will just get low enough to use healing breath and get triple attacked / crit on like ever hit and die lol. Other then that though DRG was cake to take to 75 and decently fast.

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Re: Just starting out, suggestions please?

Post by PrBlahBlahtson » Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:09 pm

That's what I meant by Drachen Armet not working. If you have it, it does nothing. The HP thresholds still seem to be 25% and 33%.

I try not to push the pet system too much. It's still kind of tentative, although with zoning pets, it's a lot further along. I'll open a bug, if one isn't already up.

Just remembered another fun one. I'm not sure I interpreted the code correctly, though.

Melee wyvern Job = DRG
Healing Wyvern = WHM
Hybrid = RDM
Retail = DRG, always.

Getting back to topic, though!
If you're into melee jobs, or tanking, I'd go with WAR. I didn't enjoy MNK much myself, but I've heard other people liked it. WAR can eventually go 2hd Great Axe, Sword+Shield, Axe+shield, and dual-wield configurations once you've got access to Ninja.

If you like healing, it's a toss up between WHM and RDM. WHM can heal more in a short period, but RDM gets the almighty Refresh to keep their MP filled.

And if you like nuking, there's really only one choice: BLM.

At level 18, there's subjob quests in Mhaura or Selbina. You should do one of those as soon as possible. WAR will probably want /MNK, WHM will want /BLM, and RDM can use /WHM or /BLM depending on the situation. BLM will want /WHM at first, but later on /RDM is the sub of choice. I say all of that because you'll have to level up your subjob before it will be all that useful.

At 30 you can start looking at the other jobs, and you'll have a better grasp of the mechanics to decide what's right for you. PLD is your tank, although NIN can rival it. SAM, DRK, DRG, WAR, and MNK are melee DDs. RNG is ranged DD. THF... is a so-so DD in party situations, but can do some neat things with soloing.

SMN is kind of tricky to learn, and can be boring as hell to solo with. BST can be pretty powerful if you understand the job. BRD... I don't really remember being much of a solo powerhouse, so without a party, that might be frustrating. Kind of recall some of BRD's mechanics not working right at the moment.

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Re: Just starting out, suggestions please?

Post by atiari » Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:09 am

From my understanding Paladin is broken right now, otherwise I'd roll that :)

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