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Post by gedads » Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:27 pm

While i wasn't home i applied my patch to an up to date dsp (from 100%trunk)and encountered a crash with game server.

It comes from mob_group

To get rid of it:

1 )apply my latest patch to mob group, go to the end @soa Areas. cut all the entries, save and reload the mobgroup file.
Launch game server, it will take a while but you won't get any errors again.

2) If all goes well, paste back the deleted entries, select the 2 first areas from SOA, cut the rest, save load mob_group in navicat or whatever.
Relaunch dsp game server, wait for it to load. Once it's done close it

3) repeat operation 2 by adding last zones 2 by 2, it works 100% even if it's boring.

PS: if it fails at some point it means you added to much at once. reduce the number of entries then reload. Each time it will take a while, close it once you
get the message lua garbage collected current state 0 or something like that in the debug window.
Also take special care when adding vnm groups, reduce entries to 10 by 10 each update and even less like 5 by 5 for the latest entry or by zone.

Also, once you'll have fully loaded it once it will not fail anymore for next updates so you only have to do those boring cut paste only one time.

There's also an error that may come from groups 13764 and 13765 (kaggen and pil)because i forgot to post updated mob_pool but i can't post it before sunday night so remove them for the moment if you can since it's producing an error too.

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