FoV leveling guide

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FoV leveling guide

Post by Delaide » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:52 am

So, since it was lost, I was able to find an FoV leveling guide, and figured I would put it here.

The one I found shows the following areas:
0-5 Starting Area
5~15 Dangruf Wadi(pg 2 H/I-11/12)(RoE: 100xp)
15~27 Gusgen Mines(pg 1 H-8/9)(RoE: 550xp)
27~34 Korroloka Tunnel(pg1 Mines Entrance around towards Marion Worm bridge, towards 32/33 The Marion Worm room/just outside)(RoE: 600xp)
34~44/45 Korroloka Tunnel(pg 5 or pg 6 map 5)(RoE: 600xp)
44~75+ Labyrinth of Onzozo(start on pg 1 and work up to pg 4 until mid 70s, can do pg 5 until 99)(RoE: 700xp)

If anyone has any additional recommendations, please comment below and I will add to this.

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