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Petition for official Square-Enix level 75 cap era server

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:52 pm
by OmegaFFXI ... era-server

Greetings! I hope you'll join me in asking Square-Enix to open up an official level 75 era server. Legacy servers are gaining more and more steam within the MMORPG community, as there are many players who are dissatisfied with modern MMO gameplay. Most legacy servers bring players back to a time when MMOs were much more community based and relying on one another was mandatory. A time when exploring was dangerous, economies mattered, and most of the content in the game felt rewarding and challenging. Today, anti-social solo quest grinds are the norm for leveling and many of us are sick of it. The MMO becomes less of an MMO each year.

Many other MMOs have produced successful legacy servers, and FFXI deserves one as well. So please sign and share!