Streaming with Darkstar

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Streaming with Darkstar

Post by Dragol » Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:30 am

So, lately I've been into streaming. I've been playing games like GW2, D3, and LoL on twitch. I really enjoy running my FFXI server, and I've gotten bored of most other games. Before I just started streaming this (with or without realizing I am, lol) I wanted to ask about it here. I would definitely give credit where it's due to you guys for making this, it's an awesome accomplishment for you guys. I wanted to see if it was alright with the developers first though. Also, how likely would SE bring the hammer down on this if I were to start streaming it? I feel like they'd track me down and try to shut all of this down.

In short, is this something I should NOT stream?

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Re: Streaming with Darkstar

Post by kjLotus » Fri Sep 18, 2015 2:30 pm

I don't really have any issue with it (me and lautan have both streamed development before), but as for "will SE bring the hammer down", I have no idea. Surely they know about it already, but I have no idea what their limits are. Maybe check out other server emulators and see what they do in this regard

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Re: Streaming with Darkstar

Post by TeoTwawki » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:00 pm

I think it works like this (I can be wrong, mind you): they will ignore as long as something doesn't happen that forces them not to ignore. Like if someone at SE we're damaging the brand, or the legal dept decides they must act to defend their IP rights because some moron makes BS claims and or charges a subscription fee like retail - that tends to give the legal dept an excuse to pretend they are worth their retainer.

There was some small team running an online game based on Final Fantasy IV a few years back that used full art assets from the SNES cart. This is obviously very different from what DarkStar does. Which is why they got quite a hammer dropped on them.

As long as DarkStar is not hurting SE in some fashion, I don't think they care. There were dozens of PXI vids on youtube, and nothing happened till some dweeb tried to charge money for people to use his private server then blamed PXI when he got a legal threat.
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