Jeuno Quest - Searching for the Right Words

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Jeuno Quest - Searching for the Right Words

Post by eccentricanata » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:20 pm

Second attempt at scripting. This was much harder than the first quest I did, and I'm pretty sure I bit off slightly more than I could chew.

- Adds and reorders dialog for Illumida (Upper Jeuno, G-8). Repairs some old dialog to account for player denying quests.
- Adds and reorders dialog for Kurou-Morou (Lower Jeuno).
- Adds and reorders dialog for Chululu (Lower Jeuno).
- Adds qm2.lua in The Boyahda Tree, which spawns Agas under the following conditions:
  • -between 19:00 and 4:00
  • -moon phase not New Moon
  • -"Searching for the Right Words" accepted
  • -Agas not killed during the course of the quest.
- Adds Agas.lua in The Boyahda Tree, which grants credit for kill to alliance members with "Searching for the Right Words" activated (and who do not already have the key item).
- Adds quest dialog for The Boyahda Tree in TextIDs for zone.
- Adds Agas to mob_spawn_points.sql

- Modifies luautils.h and luautils.cpp to add IsMoonNew(), a helper to mirror the recently added IsMoonFull() [r3128].

Tested with a couple run-throughs. Make sure "Rubbish Day", "Never To Return", "Collect Tarot Cards", "Your Crystal Ball" are completed in your test character's log, as I did not touch those. Modified "A Candlelight Vigil" a bit for change in dialog options when player denies quest. I notice that a lot of scripted quests don't take this into account, and simply have the player repeat the cutscenes. Jeuno Fame 7 required for runthrough.

Thanks so much to everyone in the IRC channel who answered all of my many questions, which were frequent and at times abjectly moronic.

Edited to add:
(for whoever is reviewing the code). SpawnMob in qm2.lua didn't work when I added the third argument for respawn time. This patch has only two arguments; the correct respawn time should be 16 minutes.
-Adds quest "Searching for the Right Words"
-Adds IsMoonNew()
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Re: Jeuno Quest - Searching for the Right Words

Post by compmike19 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:55 pm

Good deal man I love when people work on new quests!

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Re: Jeuno Quest - Searching for the Right Words

Post by Apocalypse612 » Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:41 pm

Committed r4129. Sorry for the missed contrib!

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