New Player / Helpful Websites

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New Player / Helpful Websites

Post by be_dead_by_me » Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:41 pm

For new players, I hope this will allow you to answer some of the basic questions about the Dark Star Project

New's on updates to server

Who's on the Test Server 1

More in-depth information about the updates

To see if a mob has been put into the game, drops, and spawn times

How to begin Scripting, Working quests/Missions, Or setting up your one server guides

For posting pictures on the forms upload your picture here and use the link provided

And for any FFXI related references use these (in order by most useful personally) ... pe=Mission

If none of these help you can all ways go to this sight and join our active chat to ask for help
This is a web-sight with IRC chat commands
also type -- !roster -- to see who is onlineDarkstar Test Server#1
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Darkstar Test Server#1 -- Deathfromabove

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