Easter Event

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Easter Event

Post by nasomi » Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:54 pm

FFXI was all about having many different things to do, and their events were legendary. I've made sure to do every event in one way or another, that SE has done over the years, and it's been extremely popular by the players.

First is distributing the eggs. You can do it as you please, I had the suspicious npc's next to the obyssean passages move about the city, and each time you find them they hand out an egg. This has been pretty effective as it limits the rate that eggs enter the world, and it's random so you gotta keep running around looking for them, and it encourages players to trade with each other to get the eggs they need.

Here's a script for port bastok:

Code: Select all

function onTrigger(player,npc)
local npc = GetNPCByID(17744177);
random = math.random(1,26);
local prize = 1487 + random

player:addItem(prize, 1)


    local randpos = math.random(1,11);
    switch (randpos): caseof
        [1] = function (x) npc:setPos(82,8,-229); end, 
        [2] = function (x) npc:setPos(40,7,-193); end, 
        [3] = function (x) npc:setPos(81,7,-188); end, 
        [4] = function (x) npc:setPos(103,8,-44); end, 
        [5] = function (x) npc:setPos(70,-2,-25); end, 
        [6] = function (x) npc:setPos(46,-2,-25); end, 
        [7] = function (x) npc:setPos(9,-2,14); end, 
        [8] = function (x) npc:setPos(-22,4,41); end, 
        [9] = function (x) npc:setPos(-79,-2,13); end, 
        [10] = function (x) npc:setPos(-142,0,-37); end, 
        [11] = function (x) npc:setPos(-198,2,-53); end, 

Next, you need the code that assigns letters to names and hand out a reward if they're traded. Here's the code for the first 3, it's easy enough to modify so that you can make any word you want though:

Code: Select all

function onTrade(player,npc,trade)
	a = {}
	local letters = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
	local input =  string.lower(string.sub(player:getName(),1,3))
	for i=1, 3 do
		local char = string.sub(input,i,i)
		local num = string.find(letters, char)
		a[i] = (num + 1487)
	if (player:hasItem(16109) == false) then
		if (trade:hasItemQty(a[1],1) and trade:hasItemQty(a[2],1) and trade:hasItemQty(a[3],1) and trade:getItemCount() == 3) then
			printf("Added Item")

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